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How old do babies have to be to eat watermelon?

4 December 2009 8 Responses

A Parent asks, How old do babies be to eat watermelon? Is 6 months ok? Is there anything in it that can make a 6 month year old sick?

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  • Volks said:

    12 months. It’s not that it can make them sick, it’s the allergy risk.

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  • [email protected] said:

    as long as your baby does not try to eat too much at once, oh, and the seeds are not good for people under six years.

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  • Dr. Demento said:

    If he looks a little sick, give him a shot of whiskey. My grandparents did that for me and I turned out normal….I think :S

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  • Carter's Mommy said:

    I gave my6 month old watermelon, but I cut it in big pieces and I held it for him while he sucked on it or chewed. It was great for when he was teething because it scratched his gums for him.

    EDIT: you are allowed to start feeding solids at 6 months, food allergies are hereditary. You don’t get allergies just by eating. Babies get food allergies because someone in their family (whether immediate or long lost relatives) have it. Very few kids who have no relatives with it, get it and it usually disapears by the age of five.


    Emily read the part where it says “Who gets allergies”

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  • Emily said:

    I haven’t heard anything about waiting to give watermelon. Just give tiny pieces without seeds, probably not too much. I think it’s just fine.

    and to comment on one of your other answers: food allergies can and sometimes do run in the family but you CAN develop an allergy for something if you get it too early! That is a known fact!!

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  • malwilhist said:

    Just like any other finger food, it’s fine as long as it’s cut up small enough. It’s great for babies teething if you stick it in the freezer and let them gnaw on it. It might be beneficial if you put it one of those mesh food servers so baby won’t choke.

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  • Jack's Mom said:

    I gave my son watermelon at six months and he loved it. Still does. I also gave cantaloupe, honeydew, and (gasp) strawberries! All those good foods that you cannot get from a jar. Guess what, he is fine and he loves all kinds of fruits ( he is almost eight months). Try a little bit and see if he likes it, I am sure he will.

    Too much of anything will make a baby sick. A few bites and you should be fine.

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  • Sally said:

    my cousin gives her 8 month old watermelon, she loves it. Its so cute!!! there is nothing that says that you cant anywhere i have read. it is not on the “wait” list so i say go for it mash it up and serve it, its fresh, loaded with vitamins and minerals and healthy. My cousins baby has teeth so she just eats it in chunks. i have no idea about your little one but you do.

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