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Feeding your infant Rice Cereal: How many times a day & how much?

28 January 2010 14 Responses

A Parent asks, Our Pedi. started our 4m 1 week old infant on Rice Cereal… how many times a day should we feed her the cereal and how much. Do we still breast feed right before or after the cereal?

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  • ♥ Go RAVENS ♥ said:

    morning lunch and dinner but don’t cut the baby off formula

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  • Shut up Obber!!!! said:

    I implore you to do some research on this. Starting solids at 4mo is a very outdated recommendation. Rice cereal was a nice thing to have back when a lot of babies were bottle-fed cow’s milk and sugar water homemade formula; now it’s useless — just cheap, heavily refined starch with _unnecessary_ vitamins. A breastfed baby has no use for it.

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  • Apple Jacks said:

    feed it as much as you want

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  • lana l said:

    an infante should only be fed that 3 times a week. people who feed there child baby rice every day that child experiences ealry obesity . or they can easliy have diabetes especially from baby rice

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  • Helena said:

    This is what we did (according to our pediatrician)for my son:

    Starting Solids

    Indications you can start solids= baby has doubled in birth weight, he/she can sit up with assistance, starts eyeing your food

    at 5 months.

    1- Make a bottle of formula (6 ounces). Take one ounce from bottle and add to one tablespoon of single grain rice cereal in a bowl. Use a soft ended spoon to mix and feed (let baby taste it at first).Make sure he is sitting up with you or in a chair.

    2- Feed this cereal mix 1x per day at evening not close to bed. Do this for five days. Watch for any allergic reactions.

    3- If all goes well, increase this to 2 tablespoons of single grain rice cereal + 1 1/2 ounces of formula. Do this also for five days. Watch for any reactions.

    4- After that, feed 2 tablespoons of single grain oatmeal + 1 1/2 ounces of formula once a day. ALSO, continue feeding rice cereal + formula once a day… so he will be eating solids two times a day. I usually did one time mid morning and the second at night to space it out.

    5- Feed with the oatmeal (+ rice cereal for 2nd feeding) for 5 days. Watch for any reactions.

    6- If all goes well, begin single grain barley (2 tablespoons + 1 1/2 formula) for five days. The second feeding can be either rice cereal or oatmeal or you can rotate. Watch for any reactions. If there is a reaction, it has to be the barley because that is the new food that is introduced.

    7- The idea is to introduce each new food for five days to see if there are any allergic reactions. Most jar/can baby foods have rice/barley/oatmeal in them so you need to know beforehand if these will be a problem.

    8 Then the fun part begins. Begin with Stage 1 jar foods ORANGE vegetables (Most have the Stages on them- I use Gerber and it says it right on the package). My suggestion is to start with Squash since it’s very light in taste.

    According to my doctor feed the vegetable- as much has he wants and give him 6 ounces of formula separately in the bottle- he’ll stop when he’s full (although my baby has eaten it all and then spit up so I don’t know if I agree with that theory).

    9- same concept as with the cereal

    Squash with a spoon + formula with a bottle after (6 ounces). 2nd feeding of barley/cereal/oatmeal prepared the way mentioned above. Feed for five days. Watch for any allergic reactions.

    Sweet Potatoes (same as above)

    Carrots (same as above)

    10- Then do the same with green vegetables (peas, greenbeans) … and I’ve heard the poop is the same color as the food. We;ll find out next week.

    11- Then do the same with fruits. Fruits should go last.

    Once you have some foods that “pass the test” you can feed a variety of colors or fruits and veggies in one day.

    Also, once you have finished stage 1 foods- you can move on to stage two…which are more fun (meats, “desserts,” mixed fruits/vegetables).

    Feeding schedule at 7-8 months:

    6am 6 ounces formula
    10am 2 tablespoons cereal/oatmeal/barley + 1/2 ounces formula PLUS half can of fruit
    then give him 5-6 ounces of formula. Add liquid vitamin/fluoride in bottle
    2pm 6 ounces formula
    6pm half can of meat/veggie mix or meat can plus veggie can (half each) + 5-6 ounces
    of formula
    10pm 6 ounces formula

    *** if it’s hot out, I give him up to 2 ounces of cold water in between a feeding. You can only do this once a day.

    at 12 months you can give up to 12 oz. water in between feedings.

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  • Shelby said:

    Just went through this! And also had his 4 month old well-being check up on friday, when the doctor answered that very same question for us.
    We began our son on rice cereal around the “dinner time” feeding for the past two weeks. I was wondering if I needed to feed him this more often, but the doctor said that this was just to help him to get used to moving the food around with his tongue and getting used to swallowing more than just formula. He did that with no problem. She told us to begin with stage 1 baby foods. We did this over the weekend and he likes it. First, we’ll introduce the vegetables (at the same “dinner” time) and then some fruits (still, same time). Then, over the next couple of months, we will introduce a morning feeding and by 9 months he’ll be eating breakfast lunch and dinner with baby foods. We still give him some of his bottle after the baby food, but it’s usually not the entire bottle. This schedule is very easy and he is very happy :-)
    Have fun!!!

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  • Sum L said:

    My baby is almost 4 months old. My pedi said I could start my baby on rice cereal too but I haven’t started her yet. You don’t want to feed her too much rice cereal because than your milk supply will go down if you’re breast feeding (I am breastfeeding). Cause she’ll be full from the rice cereal that she won’t want to nurse as much. You don’t want to put her on solids until 6 months cause thats when babys digestive system is mature enough to handle solids. Rice cereal is more of an introduction food cause there aren’t many allergic reactions with it. And you should nurse your baby before you give her rice cereal so that way you can keep your milk supply up cause once she eats the rice cereal she won’t want to nurse, and you’ll most likely miss a feeding. I’m not sure exactly how much you give her, but its NOT a lot. I know that! You can look up online how much you should give to her. It’s a very small amount cause their bellys are still so small. Good luck!

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  • ~HuNtEr'S mOmMy~ said:

    once a day and start off with one table spoon of flakes add formula till applesauce consistency

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  • Proud Mommy 4/22/08 said:

    well with my daughter i fed her ceral in the morning and once in the eaving and 1 or 2 scoops.

    ( the scoops you would find in baby formula can )

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  • Lynette S said:

    2-3 times a day plus regular bottles feed her as much as she will have it was suggested to me to give my baby half of her milk then give her a bit of cereal then give her the rest of her milk then give her more cereal if she is interested

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  • ♥MUMMY to ADDYSON♥ said:

    I agree with Obber, cereal has no nutrients in it what so ever, 4 months is too early, WHO (world health organisation) recommends EXCLUSIVELY breastfeed for at least 6 months, then solids can come. dont listen to the outdated advise of 4 months, if you really do start with the rice cereal then breastfeed before you give any solids, the breastmilk is their main source of nutrition and should always come first, its only a tiny bit they start of on, I reccomend that you do some research, trust me everything he needs is right there in his breastmilk

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  • 6 month sweetheart said:

    We just started our 6 month baby on whole wheat rice cereal. The purpose of the cereal is to get your baby used to eating. I recommend whole wheat as it’s healthier than white. I breastfeed her with her normal schedule and then feed her 1 tablespoon rice cereal with my breastmilk two times a day (morning/night). After one week of that, we’ll move on to other grains to test it out and then on to veggies.

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  • Mandy said:

    We fed our daughter rice cereal in her bottle at 4 weeks. She was always hungry and nothing satisfied her. She is 7 months old and is healthy(not overweight) and is developing faster then 97% of kids her age. Her ped said whatever we were doing was wonderful and not harming her. So i think that every parent is goin to tell you something different. But i would say add a little bit (like 1/2 a scoop) to the bottle and work your way up from there just to see how the baby will react. Best of luck (


    She has slept through the night (8pm til 10am) since she was 1 month old right after we started her on the rice cereal!! Just a word of the wise~

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  • Victoria 21 said:

    My baby girl is 5mo 2days. they said at 4 mo i could feed her cereal. i was so afraid to. i didnt want to kill my milk supply. now she is 5mo and im starting to try n giv her rice cereal every other day. i do 1 tbsp sometimes 1 1/2 tbsp. i breast feed her 1st!!!!! this way she wont get full on cereal. i feed her until she dont want anymore bmilk. roughly 10-15 mins. then i giv her 1tbsp of cereal and mix pumped bmilk or water with it. if u do feed rice to her before bfeeding, i advise you to pump a little after offering breast wit rice. dont get upset about if u cant get much pumped, most the time i only get 1oz per 10min of pump. mornin is always my best pump time. when i do it then after feeding her, i pump out give or take 4oz. i am just so scared to lose my breast milk. i guess i shouldnt worry tho. its hard tho not to worry. 1st time moms. but i trust God will take care of my daughter and i, and make sure my baby has nourishment.

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