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Americans, Please Explain?

21 April 2010 15 Responses

A Parent asks, What are sophomores, freshman etc.

I know its to do with school but can you explain it to me?

Im from Australia so i have no clue.

We just have Primary School 1-7 and Highschool 8-12.

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  • Spongeluv11 said:

    Freshman = Year 9
    Sophomore = Year 10
    Junior = Year 11
    Senior = Year 12

    We call them grades instead of “years” though. The whole name thing confuses me, too. I only use it when I’m talking about collage “A freshman in collage” for example. I just say “9th grade” when talking about high school

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  • Megan E said:

    Freshman is 9th grade.
    Sophmore is 10th Grade
    Junior is 11th
    and Senior is 12th grade

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  • jhg said:

    A freshman is a 9th grader, sophmore – 10th grader,
    junior – 11th grader, senior – 12th grade.
    Why they use those names or how they got them I have no idea.

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  • country boy said:

    freshmen are 9th grade in high school, sophomore”s are 10th grade senior”s are 12th grade

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  • i♥him said:

    They are highschool grade levels.

    Freshmen = 9th graders [usually ages 14-15]

    Sophomores = 10th graders [usually ages 15-16]

    Juniors = 11th graders [usually ages 16-17]

    Seniors = 12th graders [usually ages 17-18]

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  • Sam B said:

    We have elementary schools (Kindergarden through 5th or 6th grade)
    Middle schools (6th grade through 8th grade) or Junior High (7th to 9th grade)
    High School (9th or 10th grade through 12th grade)
    It is Freshman 9th grade
    Sophomore 10th grade
    Junior 11th grade
    Senior 12th grade

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  • E)izäβê†h[[penguin♥]] said:

    freshmans 9th grade
    sophmores 10th grade
    juniors 11th grade
    seniors 12th grade

    *some elementary schools are didderent*
    where I’m from it’s kindergarden-6 grade
    but then I moved when I was in 6th grade to another district and it was kindergarden-5
    and now I’m in another state and they have a primary school[kindergarden-3rd grade]
    elementary school
    [4th grade-6th]
    and middle school is 7-8

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  • Erica said:

    freshman= 9th grade
    sophmore= 10th grade
    junior= 11th grade
    senior= 12th grade

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  • XxNeonXx said:

    there high schoolers
    we graduate our senior year

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  • Benjamin said:

    freshman is grade 9. sophomore is grad 10 junior is 11 and senior is 12

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  • Meg said:

    As mentioned in the other answers, Freshman, Sophomore, etc., refer to the grades (years) in high school. But they also refer to the grades in college.

    If you are in your first year of college/university (they’re basically the same thing here), you’re a Freshman, not in “grade 13.” Second year of college = Sophomore. Third year = Junior, and fourth year = Senior.

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  • Erin said:

    In high school and college for you b.a., it is usually broken up into four years. For highschool, year 9 is freshman, year 10 is sophomore, year 11 is junior, and year 12 is senior. They use them for both because in both high school and college, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have about the same amount of power respectively.

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  • whoa_its_alex said:

    i used to live in australia but then i moved to america so i was really confused at first too. here there is elementary school K-5. middle school 6-8 and high school 9-12.
    9th grade = freshman
    10th grade = sophomore
    11th grade = junior
    12th grade = senior

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  • Susie :D said:

    freshman is first year high school 9th grade
    sophmore is second year high school 10th grade
    junior is third year high school 11th grade
    senior is 4th year high school 12th grade

    hope this clears things up for you

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  • Oberhaensli R said:

    One cannot answer this question because the meaning of ‘American’ isn’t clear:

    - A person or attribute of South or North America
    - A person or attribute of the indigenous peoples of South or North America
    - A person or attribute of the United States of America: the political correct term
    is ‘US-American’

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