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Question about relationship between infant length and adult height?

25 January 2010 8 Responses

A Parent asks, Just curious if anyone knows. Does an infant who is on the shorter end of the percentile bell curve for length grow up to be a shorter adult (and vice versa – does a longer infant grow to be a taller adult)? Or is this no indication at all for adult height?

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  • BabyAnthony is comin!! said:

    i have heard that you can multiply your child’s height at 2 years old by 2 and that will be his/her adult height.
    idk how true that is but hey

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  • Jillian ~*Cohen's mummy*~ said:

    IMO i don’t think so. my sister was vvery short for a long time, until her 10 grade actually. she didn’t even start puberty or her period until over 15 and she is 5’8 now.

    my niece was tiny for a while he is now a 4’4 little girl who just turned 6

    my brother was also the smallest out of all of us for a long time. he is a year older than me and was shorter than me when he was in the 10th grade. he is 6’2 now and the biggest

    LMAO that abbycebter calendar said my son would be 6’4. i doubt that. most people in my family are tall. my uncle is 6’6 another 6’2 and 6 foot even and my grandmother is 6 foot but my fiance is 5’8 and a taller one in his family lol. don’t think ym son will be 6’4. i’m guessing 5’10

    according to the old wive’s tale my son would be 6’0 at as an adult

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  • momof3boys said:

    Dr’s can sometimes use the height of an infant to guess at the full height as an adult but things can affect the growth and change things. Like a taller baby may get put on meds or develop a health problem that stunts the growth or a smaller baby may get a major hormone boost and end up getting taller than originally thought. My oldest son was 19″ at birth and the Dr’s thought he would be short. Now at 7 years old he is 95th percentile for his age group and the Dr predicts he will be actually more like 6 ft. Then I have my 4 year old that was almost 22″ when he was born and the Dr said he may be tall and now he is actually very short for his age thanks to Asthma meds that stunted his growth.

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  • ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp said:

    I’m really not sure honestly. I was always on the shorter side and am only 5’3. My hubby was on the short side too, until puberty. He’s 6’0 now.
    Babycenter has a neat height predictor tool:

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  • Cindy; mum to 3 monkeys! said:

    well if the parents are short and the infant is short there is a pretty good chance s/he will grow up to be short. Same for the other end of the spectrum with being tall

    However, my husband was about average height but really skinny as an infant and grew to 6 foot 2. I was never above average for height either and I am tall at nearly 5 foot 9

    If you have a boy that is on the shorter end of things, he could get to his teens and suddenly shoot up. I don’t think there is any concrete rules for this though sort of thing though

    There is that old wives tale that you multiple a childs height on their second birthday by 2 and that is their fully grown height.
    This means my poor daughter is supposed to be 6 foot 5 which is ridiculous and i don’t think she will get that tall lol!
    My son is supposed to get to 5 foot 10 at full height if you use that method.

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  • mackenzie's mommy ♥ said:

    I was 21in at birth, which I just Googled and it’s the 90-95th percentile for height. I’m now 5’1 on a good day.

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  • Mom to 3 under 7 said:

    I don’t think infant height is a good predictor, especially since infants rarely stay still well enough to be measured perfectly.

    I think a toddler/preschooler’s height is more predictive of adult height. Of course, there will always be exceptions because some people continue to grow longer than others. Girls generally stop growing around age 16, and boys stop growing around age 18-20, but that’s not a definite either.

    I’m always interested in my children’s growth since I’m 5′ even, and my husband is 6’5″. So far, my oldest seems to be built more like me, my middle child is very tall and thin, and my youngest is on the tall side but not super-tall. I think my middle child is going to be the tallest as an adult, but we’ll see…

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  • Doodlestuff said:

    Multiple studies have shown that there is no correlation between infant length and adult height. Newborns who grow up to be over 6 feet tall come in all sorts of lengths. There is a closer correlation between parent height and ultimate height reached (but then that depends on if parent had American diet as child which results in much taller individuals).

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