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Q&A: How long should my dog bleed after birth?

14 September 2010 7 Responses

Question by love4meinlife: My Boston had ten puppies and one died but she is still bleeding and they are two weeks old its not much mostly mucus with blood show and my cats did not do this after birth so I was wondering if this may be because she had so many.

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7 Responses »

  • DP said:

    Nope, 2 weeks is okay still.. Our puppies are 3 weeks old today and I still find little bits of mucousy blood here and there.. Not alot but little spots..

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  • Brandy G said:

    If you are concerned, why not bring her into the vet???????

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  • walkinglady said:

    If its’ in small amounts, and your dog is normal otherwise, don’t worry. It should be stopping really soon now.

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  • Nikki T said:

    It is not uncommon for dogs to spot for weeks after giving birth.

    If you are concerned a quick call to the vets office can answer any questions you have.

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  • Goldengal said:

    This quite normal. Just keep an eye on it and if it starts to increase in the amount of blood or starts to smell really foul then thats a reason to call your vet.
    Congrats on the new pups!

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  • NINER ROSIE said:

    when a dog has puppies the female will bleed for about 3-4 weeks. you also have remember that cats are different then dogs and they will bleed more then cats. she will be fine and there is nothing to worry about. i breed golden retreivers and my females bleed for 4 weeks and then they stop and i just wait 6 months before they come in again. the bleeding is not from her having so many pups that is just what happens when a dog has pups. it doesn’t matter if they are a small breed or a lg breed they will still bleed for weeks after having puppies. my dog always has 8-9 puppies each time and she will bleed for about 4 weeks and then she will stop so just let it run its course and it will stop. i hope this helps and good luck with your new pups

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  • Dave said:

    My dog is still spotting and she had pups almost 2 months ago. Thanks to the people who put helpful responses here.

    I’ve looked online a lot for every little symptom my dog has had, starting from being in heat, through to weaning. I’ve also consulted the vet a lot and due to complications, my dog actually gave birth at the vet clinic.

    For those who are always answering “take her to the vet” to any online question related to a dog’s health, c’mon, give us a break!! It’s not like we don’t know that vets are available out there. But sometimes you just want to have a quick look to see what other people’s experiences have been and to weigh the information out there to decide if your question merits a visit to the vet. It’s expensive, you know, and for us who are serious worry-warts about our precious puppies, we can’t be running off to the vet for every little thing. You “vet-pushers” may be well-meaning, but did you think about the fact that if I take my dog in to the vet for a chipped claw, that’s one less appointment the vet has available for someone else’s emergency.

    It seems like no matter where you look for information about your pups health, half of the responses are “take her to the vet”. This is not helpful, so please, unless you have something helpful to say, lay off!

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