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If I have a 45 cycle could it still be possible to ovulate 14 days after my period?

15 February 2010 5 Responses

A Parent asks, I have a cycle of 45 days. I had sex twice around 14 days after my period. I have sore breasts, urination has increased, and I am worn out like I have the flu or something. I was just wondering if I could have gotten pregnant 14 days after my period, even though I am supposed to ovulate 14 day before my expected period?

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  • Vicky said:

    You will always ovulate around 14 days before the start of your NEXT period — this is because of the lifespan of the corpus luteum which is around 14 days (or less in some cases). The first (follicular) phase is the longer section, in your case, and the luteal phase will be around 14 days. If you’re reliably on a 40-day cycle, then it’s very unlikely that you’ll be ovulating as early as 14 days into a cycle. However, if you did ovulate then, it means that your period is now 10 days late and you can do an HPT tomorrow morning!

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  • Kelly Elizabeth said:

    Technically, no. Your period comes 14 days after ovulation, so on a 45-day cycle, you ovulate on day 31. However, from a very non-scientific point of view, I have always had very unpredictable period lengths and I swear that I have ovulated on day 14 and still not begun my period until day 40 like you. Weirder things have happened. If you are trying to get pregnant (or even if you’re not, but would like to understand your cycle better), get a basal thermometer. They’re about $15 and you plot your temp on a graph each morning. As soon as your temp goes up, you’ve ovulated, so you can go back a day or so and see when it usually happens. That helped me get pregnant. Good luck, whatever your desire is!

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  • josephina said:

    Try monitoring your CM, that is normally a sign of when you are ovulating. I’m not exactly sure when you would be fertile on a 45 day cycle. So I can’t really say if you could be pregnant or not. Create a fertility calendar, or possibly buy ovulation tests that should help you get an idea of when your ovulating. (you can purchase them on Ebay) Or take a pregnancy probability test, which should help answer your question. Below are a few websites I think will help.

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  • Rocker Wife said:

    To answer your question… yes, you could ovulate 14 days after your period. You could ovulate anytime in your cycle. Just because you ovulate later in your cycle normally, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have a cycle where you ovulate earlier.

    If your cycles are 45 days long like clockwork, that means that you O around day 31 or so. If you ovulated earlier this cycle, then your period would be due about 14 days from your new O date. If your period doesn’t show, take a pregnancy test.

    Good luck.

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  • Ms M C said:

    This could’ve been true if you had a 28 day cycle.
    But since you have a 45 day cycle, I don’t think that you ovulated at 14 days after a period and may not be pregnant. With a 45 days cycle, you ovulate much later in your cycle as in day 29 or day 35.

    Also, if your period is not yet late or you are not 2 weeks past your ovulation, then it would be way too early to start seeing any pregnancy symptoms.

    Some signs of a period coming can seem like pregnancy symptoms so try not to read too much into them until you are late or 14 days past your ovulation.

    Good luck ;-) xo

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