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How do I know how far along I am if my pregnancy is following a miscarriage?

3 November 2009 8 Responses

A Parent asks, I had a miscarriage in 2007, I’m pregnant again and it’s only been 5 weeks since my miscarriage, I have still not had a period, how can I determine how many weeks I am? Ultrasound did not show anything yet. Has this happened to anyone and they had normal pregnancies?

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  • Jess said:

    It’s possible you were carrying twins and lost one. Keep in mind that for 6 weeks after a miscarriage, the chemicals in your body will record positive on an EPT so your best bet is to get a blood test.
    I have a beautiful granddaughter who is now 11 who was one of twins.

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  • brittney b said:

    There really is no way, to be for sure. Because you had a miscarriage recently your cycle will be unusual and thats usually a way to tell when ultrasound fails! If nothing was picked up in ultrasound you are probably around 3-4 weeks! Good luck!

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  • Silva said:

    It’s impossible to tell really when you ovulated after your miscarriage.
    The only guess you could make is try and remember when you had sex, then add a couple of weeks to that.
    Or, wait until you are a bit further along and then a scan will tell.
    Well done though!

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  • January Love said:

    I’m sorry for the baby you lost. I got pregnant with #3 immediately after weaning baby #2 … no period in between, so I had trouble figuring out how far along I was.

    I had a vaginal ultrasound so we could determine how many weeks I was. But in retrospect, I worried too much about “How many weeks am I?” when really the baby will come when the baby wants to come. :o )

    Best of luck to you!

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  • scorpiochick17 said:

    You’ll just have to wait until they can properly measure the baby in an ultrasound…this happens to me every time. Since my first c-section, I only have periods every once in a while…pretty much when it decides to show up. So my due date changes 3 or 4 times. Like I know this one will. My last cycle was in April…so that puts me in January right??? Wrong. Father’s Day I took a test…Negative, July 2nd…Positive, so it all depends on the ultrasound.

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  • lfh1213 said:

    The exact thing happened to me–and the son that was born is 26 years old and he and his wife are expecting their first baby in January.
    FYI, the miscarriage did cause some miscalculation in the due date, but that’s not a worry these days, with all the technology.
    : ) it’ll go just fine.

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  • kittykates78 said:

    I got pregnant 2 months after a miscarriage but I did have a period. I just wanted to ask if you really are pregnant since you said ultrasound didn’t show anything. My pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound at 5 weeks and it showed a healthy gestational sac but no pole…the baby is so far doing fine and I’m now 22 weeks along. Amazingly, I just had major spinal surgery 2 weeks ago, and the baby made it through and is doing great.

    PS- if something does happen and you do lose this baby, my advise to you would be to WAIT at least 6 weeks to have sex again after a miscarriage. My doctor told me to wait and we did, and I got pregnant very quickly again after we did start having sex. They advise to at least have 1 or 2 periods before you try getting pregnant again because back to back pregnancies can be unhealthy and lead to another miscarriage. You want to be sure your system is free of pregnancy matter and you have allowed your body to heal after a miscarriage before trying again. I did what the doctor said, and so far, things have been great. I’m sure you didn’t plan for this to happen, so it’s just some advise.

    Good luck :)

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  • Bridget V said:

    I got pregnant pretty much immediately after I miscarried (Started m/c on 7/11/06, conceived again on 8/2/06). The only way they could date my pregnancy was by ultrasound. You may just be really really early in the pregnancy. The only thing I can recommend is wait a couple weeks and get another one, and have them test your hgc levels to make sure they are rising.
    Oh, and the pregnancy went just fine. I now have a healthy, beautiful 3 month old boy!
    Good Luck!

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